Reconstruction & Repair

Demand Maximum performance from your Tower.

The performance capabilities of a cooling tower should be optimised. We help you to achieve this by analyzing the condition of your cooling tower using special measurement processes and give you detailed advice about possible optimisation measurements. By using high quality components you will save energy, minimize repair and maintenance costs.

At Daeil Tower, we have built our reputation on cooling tower reconstruction and thermal upgrade services.

Safety is a number one concern for us. We have an outstanding safety record.

Typical reconstruction and upgrade services include:

  • • Structural lumber replacement or rep air
  • • Mechanical equipment repair or upgrade
  • • Fill system replacement
  • • Drift eliminator system replacement
  • • Fan deck repair and/or replacement
  • • Hot water basin repair and/or replacement
  • • Replace/upgrade distribution boxes
  • • Hot water basin covers
  • • Crossflow distribution systems and nozzles
  • • Counterflow distribution systems and nozzles
  • • Casing and louver replacement
  • • Thermal performance upgrades
  • • Complete cooling tower refurbishments

Contact us for all your cooling tower reconstruction, repair or upgrade requirements.

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