• Erection

    We ensure a smooth erection period.

    Our specialized personnel with years of experience will carry out a professional installation job on time. Safety and environment protection at site is of paramount importance to us and we ensure every site personnel is adequately trained for every site. The management goes to great lengths to ensure safety of workers and plant during job execution and detailed planning on safety and schedule is mandatory for all projects. Every site is different from another and we engage closely with clients to develop safety plans and work schedule. All site personnel are trained for working at heights

    With the wealth of experience in DT, we are uniquely primed for ‘difficult’ jobs with short turnarounds that seemed impossible to many. Our know-how in the field presents many options to clients in getting the job done.

    At the customer’s choice, we can also provide site equipment such as scaffolding, lifelines, generators.

    For more information, please contact us for professional advice.

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  • Maintenance

    Proper maintenance is everything.

    Every hour without cooling or with reduced cooling capacity leads to reductions in production or even shut downs. In order to improve or maintain the performance and the effective life of your cooling tower, the top priority is constant monitoring of the system.

    Our specialists carry out maintenance on cooling towers of all kinds and thus ensure that your system operates without problems. Inefficient water distribution, temperature rise, power consumption, water discharge, structural problems, you name it.

    • • When your cooling tower is off line because of damage, the most important thing is getting it back up and running.
    • • DT has the people and power to get your repair completed fast and right.
    • • Our emergency response team can move quickly and efficiently to assess your situation and marshal the effort to bring about a remedy.
    • • We can turn your worst nightmare into a workable solution.

    For more information, please contact us for professional advice.

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  • Thermal & Structural Upgrade

    Count on DT to help you get a line on your tower’s performance profile.

    With time, cooling tower parts gets damaged, choked or worn off leading to degradation of performance. Structural degradation without due attention can often cause catastrophic consequences and expensive downtime. DT has immense experience and know-how in upgrading or bringing your cooling towers back to life.

    We also offer solutions for

    • • Vibrations
    • • Corrosion
    • • Mechanical failure
    • • Plume
    • • Noise
    • • Fouling
    • • Energy saving
    • • Water conservation
    • • Materials
    • • Safety
    • • Performance test as per ATC-105

    DT can help you establish your cooling tower’s present operating condition with base line evaluation. And, we can help you monitor your tower’s performance over time with future comparison evaluations. Get your tower tested and evaluated!

    For more information, please contact us for professional advice.

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  • Design & Support

    Tailored solutions to meet your requirements

    Using advanced design software, our specialists provides solutions tailored to your specific needs and in accordance with your specific requirements we produce design plans and technical drawings. Our team will work with you through the design, budgeting, planning and installation of your cooling tower project to make sure you get the best job for the best value. You will also receive a project plan, to be updated regularly.

    We can prepare general plans and detailed drawings, for you using the most up-to-date 2D and 3D CAD programs.

    You will of course receive complete technical maintenance and operating manual,

    Count on us for:

    • • Tower layout and orientation
    • • Structural analysis and material selection
    • • Fill design options for every water situations
    • • Custom designs for any application
    • • Custom cell sizes to fit existing basins
    • • Filtration design
    • • Basin design
    • • Sluice gate design

    For more information, please contact us for professional advice.

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